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How many staff does 2 employ? often works with the same professionals. The best professionals who continuously prove themselves. These people are not permanently employed by us, but are carefully selected by us and presented to you. Their salary is paid directly by you and therefore there are no links in between. These professionals are happy to work for us and therefore also for you. But we also like to work with them! A golden formula that all our clients are enthusiastic about!

What profession do our people have?

We often work with couples. A craftsman and an assistant. Within the activities that occur in construction, such as an architect, crane operator, carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer, tiler, electrician and painter. We also take care of the cleaning team for the delivery of your home.

What if I am not satisfied with

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with us, we may terminate our activities at short notice. After all, you have not signed a building contract with us.

Are the employees of 2 paid well?

Our employees are paid directly by you. We do not take any commission from this! This has a very positive effect on their enthusiasm, accountability and commitment. Construction workers are often milked financially in Spain. Many of them have often worked without payment. Because we agree on a fixed price per hour or assignment with our clients on behalf of our professionals, and payments are made weekly at our request; they enjoy working with and for And for you!

What can do for me? can work very broadly for you and fulfill all your housing needs. From looking for a building plot or a (refurbishment) home through one of our brokers (see ), designing your new home with our architect and building it (traditional, modular construction or prefab?) Or adjusting it of the existing design with our architect and applying for the necessary permits, or renovating your bathroom? You say so! We are at home in all markets!

But you can also contact us for a structural inspection, appraisal of your home and even for a WOZ statement for your IB declaration!

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