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What gives more peace of mind than when the organization and planning of the construction or renovation of your house in Spain is continuously supervised by an expert who is on site? Who checks whether all construction work is proceeding as agreed and whether it meets the applicable standards? Who intervenes as soon as something goes wrong and proposes a solution? The one who can call the contractor directly if he needs to make a quick decision? And how nice is it that we take care of the communication in Spanish between you and the contractor? We take the stress out of the already exciting process for both the contractor and you.....


It has become apparent that contractors are eager to have us involved. Everyone is excited!

The main challenges when building or renovating a house in Spain:

We offer you the solution:

The solution to the above points is an independent specialist who accurately maps out your wishes, translates them and helps you reach a clear agreement. We take over the planning of the entire construction or renovation. From beginning to end. We guide and monitor. You make the agreement yourselfst with the contractor so that we can take an independent position.

  • We ensure that the work is completed correctly, on time and in accordance with the agreement executed.

  • We are regularly present on construction sites. Deliberately not at the same times. And of course at the critical moments.

  • We are continuously available to answer questions from the contractor and you.

  • In the meantime, we will send you photos and videos and video call you to inform you of the progress. So watching live is possible!

Contact us now to discuss without obligation what we can do for you!

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