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Construction Inspection, Building Assessment or Building Survey

Due to the pressure of the Spanish housing market, the risks for buyers are currently significantly increased in terms of the structural condition of homes in Spain. Even if the house you want to purchase looks neat, there may always be something covered up and it is advisable to have a structural inspection or building inspection carried out by an experienced party such as A relatively small and above all good investment protects you from a bad purchase or an ill-considered decision! is the specialist with years of experience in carrying out a construction inspection and construction inspection throughout Spain and of course all Costas!

Really, you are rightly critical and set high standards for the home you want to buy. Or to substantiate the quality of the home to be sold. Not only the location where the house is located and whether everything is legally in order, but also the structural condition in which it is located is of great importance. As you may know, Spanish construction differs greatly from that in the north of Europe. This not only has to do with the climate, but also with the location of the house. The various seismographic risks in the country also play an important role during our research.

Our inspection report gives you clarity about the construction quality and the condition the home is currently in! And of course you are very welcome during our inspection, because we are happy to explain everything to you on site!

Do not forget; You are in love with the house that you really want to buy! We do not! And we do our work independently and completely objectively!

Paved Terrace

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